About the Company

Currently headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, Dalai Group was founded in 2005 and has offices on 3 continents. With an in-house philosophy that promotes innovation, the Dalai Group team is passionate about digital marketing and guiding businesses to success. Integrating the latest technology and industry know-how, we help brands gain national and international credibility.
Dalai Group specializes in creating and implementing digital strategies and roadmaps to drive customers in stores and on websites, promote products and services, increase sales, and enhance the customer experience. We implement strategies in local markets, U.S. markets and International markets (Latin America, Europe, and Asia).

Meet The Team

Pilar Lazzati

Pilar Lazzati

Founder, VP of U.S. & Global Digital Marketing

Biography: Pilar, founder and Vice President of U.S. and Global Digital Marketing at Dalai Group, is an entrepreneur who has been involved in the development of Internet companies since 2001. Pilar cofounded MailCreations corporation back in 2001, a successful online marketing company with a worldwide registered user database of over 100 million and clients including 3M, Oracle, MBNA, Citibank and Microsoft. MailCreations was also an early player in the search engine industry with the acquisition of Florida-based search engine SeekOver.com. The company has been profitable since inception, growing more than 1000% in annual revenue until its acquisition in 2004. Pilar founded Dalai Group in 2005, a global digital marketing firm for U.S. companies with international subsidiaries. She develops and implements digital strategies for mid-size and Fortune 1000 companies in various industries: banking, health, education, apparel, food and beverage, education, and entertainment. She brings added value to businesses by strengthening brands, increasing sales and bringing visitors both into stores and onto websites. In addition to Dalai Group, Pilar founded Mil y Un Consejos in 2006. 1001 Consejos is a community of over 50 websites, which attracts 20 million Spanish-speaking visitors each month from over 40 countries. Pilar graduated from Berkley Business College in Spain and holds a bachelor’s degree in business and a minor in communication from Concordia University in the U.S. She also holds a master´s in international business from Florida International University. When Pilar isn’t running the businesses, you can find her traveling around the world with her husband and her three children.
E-mail: Pilar.Lazzati@DalaiGroup.com
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Mouhamed Seye

Mouhamadou Seye

Senior Web Developer

Biography: Mouhamadou is the Senior Web Developer at Dalai Group. Armed with a passion for web technology, he is always looking for applications to help internet users achieve a better overall experience. Originally from Senegal, West Africa, Mouhamadou is a graduate from Towson University with a master’s degree in software engineering. When out of the office, you can catch him playing soccer or exploring new technology in the mobile field.
Bragging Rights: Mouhamadou is trilingual (English, French, and Wolof) and developed the National Cyber Security Hall of Fame interactive timeline application.

E-mail: Mouhamed.Seye@DalaiGroup.com


Raquel Gimeno

Raquel Gimeno

SEO & Programmatic Guru

Biography: Raquel is a SEO & Programmatic Guru at Dalai Group. She has a passion for the functionality and reach of digital marketing. She enjoys the creativity that comes along with online marketing and the ability to connect with people around the world. Raquel is of Spanish descent and was born in Mexico. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in communication at UNAM. Her hobbies include reading, photography, and going to the movies.
Bragging Rights: Raquel is bilingual (English & Spanish) and is familiar with French. One of her films was presented at the International Film Festival in Monterrey.

E-mail: Raquel.Gimeno@DalaiGroup.com


Ivonne Martinez

Ivonne Martinez

SEO & Social Media Director

Biography: Ivonne is a SEO & Social Media Director at Dalai Group. She has a passion for finding new online platforms and identifying ways to improve communication between companies and their customers. She enjoys exploring the latest marketing strategies used for advertising and commercial purposes. Ivonne is a graduate of UNAM with a degree in Communications and Journalism. Ivonne was born and raised in Mexico. She is passionate about photography and has a soft spot for animals.
Bragging Rights: Ivonne is bilingual (English & Spanish). She is part of a pro animal activist organization called “World Patitas”.

E-mail: Ivonne.Martinez@DalaiGroup.com


Stephanie Hertl

Stephanie Hertl

Content & Brand Strategist

Biography: Stephanie is a Content & Brand Strategist at Dalai Group. She grew up in Toms River, New Jersey and attended Towson University. Stephanie graduated with two bachelor degrees, one in English and one in mass communication. She has a large creative writing portfolio, studied 2 years of Russian, and has received Honors recognition. Her skills are focused in writing, public relations, and advertising. Stephanie has been a part of the east coast mission trip organization, U.M. ARMY (United Methodist Action Mission Reach-out by Youth), assisting needy people with large scale home repairs. She also loves applying packaging strategies for eCommerce products and reconfiguring images in Photoshop.
Bragging Rights: Stephanie is an avid snowboarder and enjoys weekend trips to nearby mountains. She has also applied to the Nickelodeon Writing Program, receiving attention for submitting her screenplay in an orange, rocket-shaped lavalamp.

E-mail: Stephanie.Hertl@DalaiGroup.com


Ingrid Barcena

Ingrid Barcena

Social Media & Mobile Strategist

Biography: Ingrid is a Social Media & Mobile Strategist at Dalai Group. She is passionate about social media and communication. She is constantly investigating new ways to analyze society’’s behavior. Ingrid earned her degree in communications and journalism at UNAM. She loves to travel and learn different languages. Her hobbies include reading, photography and blogging. Ingrid was born and raised in Mexico.
Bragging Rights: Ingrid is bilingual (English & Spanish) and is familiar with French. She is an official radio host endorsed by the Ministry of Education in Mexico.

E-mail: Ingrid.Barcena@DalaiGroup.com

Jannette Figueroa

Jannette Figueroa

Video & Brand Strategist

Biography: Jannette is a Video & Brand Strategist at Dalai Group. She was born in Mexico and studied communication sciences at UNAM with a concentration in audiovisual production. She enjoys using the Internet to stay in touch with people. She uses creativity in every facet of her life and looks for ways to stay current in digital media. She has worked with the Department of Communication at the Institute of Youth (INJUVE) and produced video content for a Mexican music group.
Bragging Rights: Currently in a choir, Jannette loves opera music and singing. She enjoys video games, movies, and books in her spare time. Jannette has studied Italian, English, and piano.

E-mail: Jannette.Figueroa@DalaiGroup.com

Aide Hernandez

Aide Hernández Cruz

Mobile Marketing Strategist

Biography: Aide is a Mobile Marketing Strategist at Dalai Group. She has a passion for technology, social media, and digital marketing. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in journalism and communication at UNAM. Her hobbies include listening to music and photography. Aide is a true cat lover.
Bragging Rights: She played basketball for 5 years, has participated in many photography contests, and she is currently studying Korean.

E-mail: Aide.Hernandez@DalaiGroup.com


Fernanda Brandão

Fernanda Brandão

Social Media Copywriter

Fernanda is a Social Media Copywriter at Dalai Group. She loves to be around people and learn about new cultures and languages. She has also worked in human resources, teaching, and online marketing. Fernanda graduated from UNAMA with a degree in psychology and is earning a masters degree in “human resources and knowledge management” at Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes. Fernanda was born and raised in Brazil, where she resides with her loving husband and adorable children. She has previously lived in the U.S. In her free time she enjoys being with her family and friends, reading a good book, and taking classes to grow professionally.
Bragging Rights: Fernanda speaks Portuguese as her native language and is proficient in English and Spanish. She is a lovely mom and enjoys traveling around the world.

E-mail: Fernanda.Brandao@DalaiGroup.com


Adriana Magalhaes

Adriana Magalhaes

Search Marketing Writer

Biography: Adriana is a Search Marketing Writer at Dalai Group. She loves a good challenge and has worked as a computer programmer, English translator and teacher for mathematics, physics, computer science and English. Adriana has an undergraduate degree in mathematics and a graduate degree in computer science from the Federal University of Minas Gerais. Adriana was born and raised in Brazil. When she isn’t busy working she enjoys spending time with her daughter, loving husband, friends, and family. She also enjoys taking computer classes in her spare time.
Bragging Rights: Adriana speaks Portuguese as her native language and is proficient in English and Spanish. She is also an excellent dancer who has been practicing from the age of 12. Currently she’s dancing Salsa and Zouk. She is passionate about traveling through Europe and the United States, meeting new people, experiencing culture and communicating in various languages.

E-mail: Adriana.Magalhaes@DalaiGroup.com


Maria Jose Marquez Condes

María José Marquez Condés

Social Media Manager & Senior Copywriter

Biography: María José is a Social Media Manager and Senior Copywriter at Dalai Group. She is a natural born leader with a passion for helping others. María José has over a decade of experience in social media. She enjoys music, traveling around the world, and catching up on the latest issue of Reader’s Digest.
Bragging Rights: María José speaks Spanish and French. She is a master at the Piano and is the proud grandmother of four little boys and a baby girl.

E-mail: MariaJose.Marquez@DalaiGroup.com