Developing Global Video Marketing Content

Developing Global Video Marketing Content

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Developing Global Video Marketing Content

In today's business landscape, every company needs to have a good content marketing strategy, and lately, having global video marketing content is one of the best options to engage ...

Global Video Marketing ContentIn today’s business landscape, every company needs to have a good content marketing strategy, and lately, having global video marketing content is one of the best options to engage with your audience. In this article by Ben Lobel, we share the best tips to plan your content.

Tips to Develop Global Video Marketing Content

Content marketing on video is an approach to understanding the needs of a target audience, and to create and promote content that addresses those needs. Here is a guide on how you can develop global video marketing content to reach your set target.

1. Develop your Plan

First, you need to develop a plan that covers everything you need to kickstart your marketing content. As a start, you need to define your goals. Outlining your goals helps you focus and keep you from veering off course. It also helps you identify emerging opportunities to market your content further.

2. Engage your Viewers

Great content is not often about its creators, but about the audience. Your first goal should be to build a personal connection with your viewers. The best way to achieve that aim is to centre your content on them rather than try to sell your product off the bat. Readers are getting increasingly interested in themselves and what’s in it for them. So, grab and hold their attention by making your global video marketing content engaging.

3. Build Around their Pain Point

Before you start creating your global video marketing content, you need to know the pain point of your audience. What are their needs? What problems or challenges do they face? When you’ve gathered your facts, you then tailor your content around these pain points. Show empathy for their problems and offer practical solutions on how to get by them. Content that solves problems attracts massive readership. Shape your content; be audience based and not product based.

4. Make your Content Highly Informative

In today’s content driven world, people are only interested in themselves as they simply do not care about your products and service but what’s in it for them. Your customers do not want you to sell to them; they wanted to you to educate them. People place a high premium on accurate and educative content. It is what builds active followership and transforms your audience into return viewers. It is important that you make your global video marketing content worth the attention of your audience.

5. Stay Unique

While trying to achieve relevance like existing competitors, many brands tend to imitate them. They end up sounding like every other brand. To remain unique, develop your unique story, your brand needs to give your audience new insights that have a different perspective from others. People also love global video marketing content that makes them laugh, cringe or squeal. All in all, it is important that you develop your voice rather than settle for being an echo.

6. Be Consistent

Whether you are using your media or you are using ‘rented land,’ you need to remain consistent in creating content. An effective gobal video marketing strategy requires consistency. Consistency makes some brands reap more benefits than others because they witness an influx of more viewers.

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