Mobile App Marketing Trends for 2019

Mobile App Marketing Trends for 2019

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Mobile App Marketing Trends for 2019

The 2018 is about to end and all marketers are eager to know the trends that will be in 2019, and as we present Mobile Marketing trends, we also present the app store optimization ...

The 2018 is about to end and all marketers are eager to know the trends that will be in 2019, and as we present Mobile Marketing trends, we also present the app store optimization trends that you should keep in mind for the following year.

In this article of Mobile App Daily you will find the upcoming advancements in the mobile app industry.


1. Artificial Intelligence

“Artificial intelligence would be the ultimate version of Google. The ultimate search engine that would understand everything on the web. It would understand exactly what you wanted, and it would give you the right thing. We’re nowhere near doing that now. However, we can get incrementally closer to that, and that is basically what we work on.” —Larry Page, CEO of Google

AI has made everything simpler in terms of engagement and to understand user habits to make the use of the app much easier. Users have been able to find suggestions on where to buy shoes, the best rate at hotels or even the best place to eat.

During 2018 we have seen other trends derive, chatbots are proof of this and will continue to be a strong trend in 2019.

According to Gartner, 30% of companies worldwide will be using AI in at least one of their sales processes by 2020.


2. Influencer Marketing

“Influencers are people. People (or maybe personas) with a brand and an audience. What makes them attractive to advertisers is their ability to speak to a very defined group of fans. The way the ecosystem is maturing looks a lot like the internet in the early days” – Mike Schmidt, Founder Dovetale

Influencer Marketing has been a trend that has been growing exponentially in recent years. 70% of millennial consumers are influenced by the recommendations of their peers in buying decisions. A survey conducted by Collective Bias involving 14,000 respondents in the US, reveals this influencer marketing statistic.

Brands can create alliances with influencers to drive their products with their audience in a natural and organic way.


3. Wearables

We know that most wearables are centered around the health and fitness industry but the arena of mobile app development is abuzz with fresh ideas on how to track and analyze a whole host of variables regarding one’s health and wellness, for improving the overall quality of life.People want to obtain information or monitor their daily activities in an accessible and immediate way.


4. Specific Target

Mobile App Daily recommends focusing specifically on the target using the STP model (Segmentation Targeting and Positioning) to make a more natural and effective approach.


5.Data Optimization

“Big data is at the foundation of all the megatrends that are happening.”– Atul Butte, Stanford University

The optimization of data will allow us to know the information of the users in a better way to know their consumption habits, this will allow us to know how to plan the campaigns of the brands and obtain a return of the equitable investment. It will also be possible to create ads that can really generate leads thanks to the fact that they will be more personalized in the users.


6. Personalized Content

In 2019 we will look for the best way to approach users in a more personalized way, as discussed in the previous point.It is also important to select the correct format of the ads, because it is the way in which we can draw the attention of the users.


The goal is to do ad dynamically, interactively and engaging. Besides knowing what to say, you must know where. The geolocation marketing allows the user to find or satisfy their needs according to their location, that is, to offer contextual content, and to maximize the overall business revenue.



The need to understand the user and to find the right way to get closer, which is not invasive but the user even enjoy receiving ads because they are genuinely interested in your product is increasingly evident. Are you ready to receive the trends of 2019? Do you know any other?

Do you want to optimize your mobile app? Contact Us, our Mobile Marketing experts will make a diagnosis to improve the optimization of your apps with the trends of 2019 to offer better experience to users.

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