Multilingual SEO Agency Guide to Mobile-First

Multilingual SEO Agency Guide to Mobile-First

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Multilingual SEO Agency Guide to Mobile-First

Since Google moved towards the mobile-first approach, the need for a mobile strategy in a Multilingual SEO Agency is higher. In this article we share a guide to make sure your webs ...

Multilingual SEO Agency Guide to Mobile First

Since Google moved towards the mobile-first approach, the need for a mobile strategy in a Multilingual SEO Agency is higher. In this article by Outsourced we share a guide to make sure your website is responsive, well optimized, and ranks better on this search engine.

Multilingual SEO Agency Guide to Mobile-First.

1. Responsive Design

It’s no wonder Google prefers responsive design because it adapts to the device being used. If your website is responsive, then the chances of it appearing in the new mobile-first index is highly probable. A good Multilingual SEO Agency practice is to add the meta name=”viewport” declaration in the head of your documents to ensure that your website is mobile-proof.

2. Separate URL for Mobile Version

This means that every desktop URL has an equivalent mobile-friendly URL. Normally, it sits on a subdomain such as “” Although Google supports this configuration, it is best to ensure that you implement the “mobile website on a separate URL” correctly. Use rel=”alternate” and rel=”canonical” to inform Google how these pages are connected. The benefit of having two separate URL means that you can provide a fully mobile-centric user experience. Also, your site can be optimized for mobile specific intent and there is no need to redesign the main site.

3. Mobile Keyword Search

When it comes to user behavior for desktops and mobile devices, you can expect a significant difference due to user intent. A tool you can use to check the organic keywords of mobile devices would be SEMrush. This software tool is effective for Multilingual SEO Agencies because it provides an option for mobile keyword search and location – allowing you to focus on key terms in certain parts of the world.

4. Voice Keyword Search

With the staggering increase of mobile users each year, there was also an increase of voice search, which currently dominates the international mobile marketing scene. The key is to optimize for voice following this Multilingual SEO Agency Tips:

– Think conversational intent.
– Use long tail question words such as Who, What, Where, Why, When and How.
– Make sure your mobile site is optimized for both speed and content.
– Make sure local listings are updated. These include Apple Maps, Bing, Google, Yelp, etc.
– Your content structure should be built in a way that answers questions quickly and integrate structured data markup in your website.

5. Optimize for Local

The importance of local SEO for mobile devices resides in the increase of mobile searchers that visit business websites when looking for businesses nerby. To optimize for local searches, this Multilingual SEO Agency Guide also recommends:

– Add structured data to produce richer content that allows Google to know more about your specific web page
– Create a local customer review page marked with structured data
– Create a local link building strategy
– Improve local search ranking by writing local content.
– Sign up for Google My Business
– Include appealing images of your business in Google My Business
– Include complete contact information


It is essential to prioritize all these search factors in your mobile-first optimization in order to stay relevant. The importance of having a good mobile strategy increases when you own a global business, in which case we recommend you to read the International Mobile Marketing Trends in 2018 to stay ahead of the competition.


If you happen to have a website and you are looking further to enhance your mobile site, Contact Us, and our Multilingual SEO Agency will make sure you are ready for the mobile first indexing.  


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