Pilar Lazzati

Pilar Lazzati


Founder of Mil & Un Consejos
Founder of Dalai Group
Co-Founder of MailCreations


Pilar Lazzati, founder of Dalai Group and Mil & Un Consejos, has been involved in the digital marketing industry and the development of internet companies since 2001, when she co-founded Mailcreations Corporation.

Soon after the start of her career, Pilar Lazzati became a well-known member of the online industry. In 2001, she contributed expert insight and published numerous articles in “Mail Marketing,” a well-recognized industry magazine. In 2004, she was named one of South Florida’s “Top 100 Tech Executives” by South Florida Tech 100. In addition to earning various industry awards, Pilar is also recognized as a key speaker in several marketing conferences for her field expertise.

Mailcreations proved to be a successful online marketing company with a worldwide registered user database. It contained over 100 million permission based e-mail addresses and clients including: Citibank, Disney, Microsoft, Paramount, 3M, Oracle, Iberia Airlines, Marriott, Paypal, Zappos, Bellsouth, Dream Time Tours and MBNA. Since its inception, the company has remained profitable and consistently posted annual growth rates of more than 1000%.

Mailcreations was also an early player in the search engine industry. By acquiring SeekOver.com in March 2004, Pilar was introduced to the strategic fundamentals and algorithmic structure of what has come to be “search engine optimization.” Mailcreations was sold in 2004 to Livedoor Co., a publicly-traded multinational Japanese corporation.

After her marriage in December 2004, Pilar moved to her husband’s hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. During the early months of 2005, Pilar was a key contributor in the transition from Mailcreations to Livedoor. Soon after working in collaboration with Livedoor, Pilar continued her digital marketing career and founded the Dalai Group in June 2005.

Dalai Group, currently headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland has offices on 3 continents. With an in-house philosophy that promotes innovation, the Dalai Group team is passionate about digital marketing and businesses success. Integrating the latest technology and industry know-how, Dalai brings national and international credibility to brands around the world. Dalai specializes in digital strategies and product roadmaps to drive customers in stores and on websites. Dalai increases sales and enhances customer experience, while maximizing KPI’s. Today the Dalai Group is a successful global digital agency with a client history that includes fortune 1000 companies; such as Nestle, MTV, Ebay, HBO, Disney, and McCormick.

In 2006, Pilar launched the Mil & Un Consejos network (www.1001Consejos.com) a global Community of over 50 websites, which attract 20 million Spanish-speaking visitors each month from over 40 countries.

Prior to her professional career, Pilar graduated from Berkley Business College in Spain where she received an award for “Best Academics.”  She holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Concordia University in the United States. Here, Pilar graduated at the top of her class receiving the “Concordia and Regents Award” as well as the “Business Student Division Scholar Award”. Pilar Lazzati also holds a Master´s Degree in International Business from Florida International University.

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