Why Your Email Marketing Doesn’t Work

Why Your Email Marketing Doesn’t Work

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Why Your Email Marketing Doesn’t Work

Emails remain the most conventional, still the most effective medium of targeted campaigns for marketers. If you you wonder why your email marketing doesn't work, in this article w ...

Why Email Marketing Doesn't Work

Emails remain the most conventional, still the most effective medium of targeted campaigns for marketers. If you are not getting the results you would like, and you wonder why your email marketing doesn’t work, in this article by Martech Advisor we will look at the 8 prime factors that are responsible for your email marketing campaigns not meeting the desired goals, ROIs, and expectations.

Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Doesn’t Work

1. Poor or no insights on target audience

Did you just buy a list and send out emails, hoping for a response? Shooting in the dark is the worst place to commence your email strategy. Unable to determine your right target audience can unfold as a primary reason for the ineffectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. Before devising the email strategy, a thorough study and analysis of your target audience based on an array of scales such as behavioral stats, psychographic and demographic attributions, preferences, needs, and other similar parameters is an absolute must. Only after this can you initiate the remainder of your campaign.

Find Target Audience

2. Lacking personalization

No matter how many times this gets repeated, the realistic impact of ‘personalization’ in any marketing campaign just can’t be ignored. It’s pretty much a given if you want to succeed through email campaigns.

Segmentation allows you to create and disperse personalized messages which are specific to the parameters set by you with respect to your target audience. This results in the stimulation of a positive trigger in the minds of your customers when they read your email.

Email Personalization

3. Archaic databases

What kind of database are you using to send out emails? How old is it? All databases are subject to ample amount of depreciation with time and yours can’t be any different. Outdated databases hinder your email campaign success as they have a direct negative impact on response rates . That leads to lower conversion rates which finally translates to lower ROIs. Compromising on the quality and timeliness of your email databases can be disastrous for your marketing efforts.

Regular maintenance and upgrades of your email database ensure that response rates don’t drop down drastically. It also enables sales teams to stay on top of their game with access to dependable data. Third-party data appending services can also be leveraged to keep your email database accurate, and trustworthy.

Datablase Mail

4. Banal subject lines

The amount of emails that people receive on a daily basis is quite mammoth. The probability of someone opening an email with a mundane subject line is thus extremely low. Majority of the emails get opened judging by the name of the sender and the subject line. Vague or misleading subject lines get overlooked and rightly so. For successful email campaigns, appealing subject lines are critical .

A subject line must be able to intrigue and attract your audience, and yet, needs to be concise. Too many punctuations, overuse of capital letters, and unnecessary phrases must be avoided at all cost, or it’s straight to the spam folder!

Subject Lines

5. Meager design standards

Once opened, if your emails aren’t being read consistently, there’s something gone awry in your email design for sure. Smart marketers always possess a range of email templates depending on the kind of campaign and target audience with variations in elements like logo usage, fonts, pictures, color combinations/patterns, CTA buttons, and more. All of these elements need to be well-aligned and synchronized. Creativity and experimentation are important to ensure your audience don’t have a monotonous feel every time they see your email.

Apart from this, within the subject line and the main body, your intended message needs to come through. Identify the number of times your emails are being opened on mobile devices and subsequently execute mobile optimization to improve readability.

Email Marketing Design

6. Sender ambiguity

Sometimes, the best answers to dilemmas lie in putting yourself in other’s shoes or situation. So, ask yourself, how many times do you open emails from ambiguous or unknown senders. Emails from addresses like [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected] are highly likely to get deleted straightaway (sometimes even without noticing the subject line). The reason being that such addresses never appear as genuine and very often end up getting marked as spam.

An email from an address that has a real person’s name in it increases its credibility and instills an amount of faith and authenticity in the minds of the recipients. Genuine sender names and addresses are almost guaranteed to improve your open and read rates which will reflect in better response and conversion rates.

Email Marketing Sender

7. Losing the relevancy plot

A very simple, yet major factor for your emails not getting the desired attention lies in its relevancy or value-add it offers. This is all linked directly to how efficient you were in insightful targeting and segmenting of your audience. Relevance or value addition is an offshoot of insights and personalization. If your emails are not relevant or informative to what your audience is seeking, chances of unsubscription, lower open and response rates, and last but never the least, poor conversion rates remain at an all-time high. Identify the content that resonates with your target audience and develop your email relevancy model around that. Another point to take notice of here is the timing. Carry in-depth and precise research on when your target audience or segment is most likely to open/read emails . This enhances response and conversion as well.

Email Relevancy

8. Overlooking interactive content

Interactive content is the future of all things digital. If you’ve overlooked it and are yet to incorporate it into your email campaigns, you’ll already behind the eight ball. There’re plenty of ways you can leverage interactive content such as quizzes, knowledge/personal assessment tests, games, surveys/polls, interactive infographics, ebooks, white papers, brochures, and many more. With interactive content within your emails, the probability of response increases because people tend to engage more when there’s an element of fun and play in the content.

Email Marketing Content


Email marketing requires honest efforts coupled with meticulous detailing and campaign execution. Conduct simulation tests on a small sample size to examine the response to subject lines, email body, design template, CTAs, and others before you go big and large. Such tests allow you to get the right mix of ingredients for a delectable email campaign. Don’t wait anymore. Gear up and execute an email campaign in a manner that all your recipients get delighted when the system reads – you’ve got mail!

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