Mobile Influencer Marketing: Trends for 2019

Mobile Influencer Marketing: Trends for 2019

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Mobile Influencer Marketing: Trends for 2019

Influencer marketing has been a crucial part of Mobile Marketing for this past 2 years. Its relevance has been important thanks to the good results it has brought to E-commerce mar ...

Influencer marketing has been a crucial part of Mobile Marketing for this past 2 years. Its relevance has been important thanks to the good results it has brought to E-commerce marketers,  and it is definitely a modern marketing strategy that will continue to be transcendent.

In this article we will show you the trends you must have in mind for 2019 and step ahead in the game.

First of all, What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is a combination of content and social media marketing, is also a form of marketing that helps brands to sell products to larger masses through influential personality.

If you are interested in creating an Influencer Marketing campaign, here’s a tip: Since you are basing your entire campaign on influencers, you must be sure that this is a person with credibility as a social media figure, so you must verify that the followers are authentic and not purchased.

Jay Baer, the NY Times Bestselling Author said:  “Influencer Marketing ROI blows online advertising out of the water. However, using influencers to solely drive awareness is as cost-effective as a Paula Deen fitness camp. The key to effective use of influencers is their ability to cause behavior”.




This type of content is engaging, entertaining and fun. It is very common for influencers to use this format as one of their favorites to communicate with their audience and send messages through video channels such as Facebook Live, Instagram Stories Instagram.

By 2019, video will make up an astounding 80 percent of all internet traffic and, not surprisingly, two out of three marketers expect video to make up the majority of their content in the near future.



Two of the tools that will be key in 2019 are Instagram Stories and IGTTV.

Instagram Stories: After Facebook launched Instagram Stories, it stole Snapchat’s lead and currently Instagram has around 250 million more usersThese stories have the advantage that they make the content much more organic. The message of your brand can be delivered by your influencer directly to their audience.

IGTV:This modality of live video will be exploited in 2019. This will allow the opportunity to cross-promote between instagram posts, Instagram Stories and IGTV. IGTV is a great tool to provide longer form content to your audience, which is hard to do on a post or story. 80% of Instagram users would rather watch a video than read a blog post from a brand.



Measuring the effectiveness and ROI of the campaigns is essential and crucial at the same time. This means you can set the concrete metrics to track before launching the campaign such as hashtag usage, conversions, website traffic, the likes & comments and growth of followers.

Talking metrics at a campaign’s outset and tracking them at completion helps you know which platform best suits your audience and what technique improves your ROI.



On 2019 will shine a bright, beautiful light on micro-influencers and their amazing authentic content.

Micro-influencers are people who do not have such a high amount of social media. It is advisable to work with them if they have a limited budget and also because they usually try harder than mega-influencers to achieve a quality campaign, and their opinions are a trustworthy source of word-of-mouth promotions.




Lately, Podcast is a format that has gained much popularity, is said to be that podcast is the new blogging. This medium has been explored by influencers as a way to communicate with their followers, achieving more traffic, followers and most importantly: engagement.

You can use this medium to sponsor a podcast in which the influencer talks about your products.


It is true that Google will never reveal the secret formula to position our website in the first results, but without doubt these steps will help you optimize your website and place it in Google.


To learn more, read the article: Mobile Marketing: Digital Marketing Strategies for 2019


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