Mobile Marketing: Keyword Optimization Tips for App Store

Mobile Marketing: Keyword Optimization Tips for App Store

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Mobile Marketing: Keyword Optimization Tips for App Store

Nowadays Apps are of huge relevance for Mobile Marketing. Only in the Apple App Sore there are almost 3 million apps, but not all of them are being discovered by users. Is yours o ...

Nowadays Apps are of huge relevance for Mobile Marketing. Only in the Apple App Sore there are almost 3 million apps, but not all of them are being discovered by users. Is yours one of them? Are you struggling to appear amogst the first 10 results on the app store?

If your app is invisible, and lost in the App Store amongst other apps which are stealing potential users away, you need App Store Optimization.

 This might sound new to you, but if you understand the basis of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) everything would make sense. If not, it doesn’t matter, here we are going to tell you everything you need to know to be number one in App Store searches.

Mobile Marketing: Best Keyword Optimization Tips for App Store

There are three components that are important when optimizing your app with ASO:

App Name Optimization

When people look for your app they use different words, which you want to include when optimizing your app. One of the most important places to locate them is the app name since it has the biggest weight.

1. Keep your App Name Under 30 Characters:

Stick to this limit unless you want your app to be rejected. While is technically possible to use over 30 characters, since 2017 app store keywords past that limit don’t rank anymore.

2. Find the Right Balance between Branding and Relevant Keywords:

This is only important is your app is still not popular on the market. If you already are a recognized brand, this recommendation won’t apply to you, because your app will be usually searched by app name.

3. Use the Most Relevant Keywords in the Title:

The keywords in app store have more impact in the title than anywhere else, since only a few are allowed. Researches have proven that keywords in the title rank 2x better than in the keyword field and will boost your visibility in your category.

4. Create an Optimal App Name.

Make sure to create an easy to understand and unique name, and avoid using special characters. You can also benchmark your competitors or on the opposite to strike back by using the same keywords.

App Subtitle Optimization

The app subtitle was a featured introduced in the year 2017 by Apple. With also 30 characters, the subtitle is a perfect opportunity to optimize your marketing message with the right keywords.

As this is the second most important element on keyword optimization, make sure that you  use very strong and descriptive keywords that will match relevant search queries.

Keyword Fields Optimization

The last more important component for app optimization is the iTunes Connect Keyword Field that allows you to include a set of 100 characters keywords.

It is important that you use this wisely, considering the next two recommendations:

1. Use Unique Keywords:

Don´t repeat keywords you already used on your App Name or App Subtitle. Keywords are only considered once in order to rank

2. Use Comas to Separate Keywords:

Although is good to use long tail keywords it is better to use comas to separate short keywords because this will allow you to create more combinations using the 10 or 12 keywords you include in the field.

How to Select App Keywords?

If you arrived to this point you should now understand the importance of the right keywords on app store optimization. But how do you select the best ones

1. Relevance:

It is crucial to choose keywords that describe the app’s main purpose and core functionality. Since conversion rate has a big weight in keyword rankings, it is of your best interest to use the keywords that users will be more likely to convert with

2. Rankings/ Competition:

Make sure to aim for high rankings since users are less likely to download an app that is ranking below the first 10 results.  Evaluate your keywords and stick to the ones for which you have high rankings and traffic.

Also find the right balance between targeting easy keywords and using keywords with high competition depending on your objectives.

3. Search Popularity / Volume:

This should be the last characteristic you should look at when choosing your keywords. It will let you make your final selection. If you are hesitating between multiple synonyms or similar keywords with about same relevance and competition, choose the one with the highest volume of searches


As you can see, keyword optimization is a basic piece in the ASO puzzle since it will make you appear in relevant searches and boost your conversions. Make sure that you make this optimization an ongoing process and to always stay up to date with the latest App Store Optimization Trends.

If you want your App to be a vital part of your Mobile Marketing Strategy, Contact Us, our team of experts will make you rank number one in App Stores.   

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