Case Study: Leading Education Industry Client

Our client is a prestigious university with more than 200 majors and 10 campuses across the United States. This private education system offers more than 150 undergraduate programs and 50 graduate programs. Its degrees vary at each campus location, including programs for education, business, finance, nursing, psychology, and religious studies.

Client Goals
ENROLLMENT >LEADS >Increase student enrollment
Increase prospective student leads
TRAFFIC >DATABASE >Increase website traffic
Organize prospective student database
Our Strategy
1.Develop a platform that integrates sales, social media, and student information.Education-Industry-Case-Study-Dalai-Group
2.Optimize websites for programs offered at each campus
3.Align local targeting with the specialties of each campus location
4.Send specific messages to prospects at different stages of the student journey
5.Increase prospective contacts and website traffic with social media, video, programmatic, and mobile marketing.

Industry Insight

Education is one of the most difficult industries for marketing due to the varying phases of the student journey and the commitment level of prospective students in the admissions funnel. It is necessary to map a student’s journey before sending a message. Specific media vehicles and messages are needed for prospective students at different stages of college consideration. Know the type of student you are targeting, their location in the admission funnel, and the proper marketing channels to send the message.

Dalai Group

Dalai Group has managed the successful website optimization and platform integration for a major university system with 10 campus locations in the United States and over 29,000 students. This campaign was focused on increasing enrollment, merging website data for the entire university system, and optimizing campus websites locally.