Case Study: Leading Food Industry Client

Our client is an American manufacturing and processing conglomerate with grocery, confectionery, and snack products in North American and International food markets. This company is located in more than 70 countries and has secured more than 18 billion dollars in sales. SEO for this campaign is focused in American, U.S. Hispanic, Caribbean and Latin America markets.

Client Goals

Expand digital community and
nurture consumer interaction

Strengthen Brand Essence in U.S.
& 12 Latin American Countries

Maximize Website Traffic
Our Strategy
1.Community Creation & GrowthFood-And-Beverage-Industry-Case-Study-Dalai-Group
2.UX Optimization
3.Vast Site Structure Optimization
4.Extensive Backlink Building

 Dalai Group

Dalai Group has managed the formation, result-driven implementation, development and evaluation of a major food manufacturing company’s search engine optimization strategy (SEO On-Page & SEO Off-Page) in 12 countries and 3 languages (English, Spanish & Portuguese) during the last 2 years.