Case Study: Leading Food Industry Client

Our client is a multinational food and beverage company with more than $50 billion in revenue. This company produces confectionery, snack, and grocery food products in cross continental markets. Located in over 75 countries, this food conglomerate earns top market share in the  industry.

Client Goals

Develop a Global Center of Excellence:

REBRANDINSPIRETo rebrand the company and mission
To inspire marketing team with a new brand vision
EDUCATEEMPOWERTo educate internal and external partners
To empower partners in marketing execution
CREATEDRIVETo create engaging, award-winning brand experiences
To drive brand innovation through marketing excellence
Our Strategy
1.Rebrand the company visionFood-Processing-Industry-Case-Study-Dalai-Group
2.Encourage marketing innovation through an interactive training module
3.Educate marketers on original strategies and award-winning campaigns
4.Empower internal decision makers through marketing excellence
5.Drive brand innovation with a global center of excellence

Dalai Group

Dalai Group has managed the successful integration of a $25 million dollar global brand strategy for a Fortune 500 food company on 5 continents and over 25 countries. This branding initiative was launched to worldwide subsidiaries and external partners. It coordinated cross-functional departments to rebrand the company´s vision.