Digital Consulting Tips for Reviewing Content

Digital Consulting Tips for Reviewing Content

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Digital Consulting Tips for Reviewing Content

In a Digital Consulting Agency, reviewing content is an unavoidable yet extremely important task. The best Digital Consulting Tips dictate that we do what we can to ensure that the ...

In a Digital Consulting Agency, reviewing content is an unavoidable yet extremely important task. As the driving factor that brings people to a page, the best Digital Consulting Tips dictate that we do what we can to ensure that the work we’ve invested into creating remains impactful and relevant over time. This requires occasionally going back and re-evaluating our strategy with a content marketing consultation to identify areas that can be improved.

Digital Consulting: How to Review your Content Marketing Strategy

There are certain digital consulting tips any agency knows — like good spelling, appealing layouts, and relevant keywords — that are universally associated with what we would consider “good” content marketing. In this three-step guide provided by Moz, they show you how to use these characteristics (or elements, as I like to call them) to define your target audience, measure the performance of your content using a scorecard, and assess your changes for quality assurance as part of a content marketing consulting process that can be applied to nearly all types of content across any industry.

Step 1: Know your audience


Knowing your target reader will identify the details that should make up the foundation of your content marketing strategy. This includes insight into the reader’s intent, the ideal look and feel of the page, and the goals your content’s message should be trying to achieve. To get to this point, however, one of the most important content marketing consulting tips is to answer these two questions:
1.What does my target audience look like?
2. Why are they reading my content?

Step 2: Tear apart your existing content


This stage requires breaking everything apart to identify the components you should keep, change, or discard. However, this task can be extremely challenging because the performance of most components — such as tone of voice, design, and continuity — can’t simply be bucketed into binary categories like “good” or “bad.” Rather, they fall into a spectrum where the most reasonable level of improvement falls somewhere in the middle. One of the most effective ways to evaluate and measure the degree of optimization needed for these components is to use a content marketing consulting scorecard.

Step 3: Evaluate your evaluation

The interesting thing about assessing content is that it never really ends. As you make edits you’ll tend to deviate more and more from your initial content strategy. And while not always a bad thing, you must continuously monitor these changes according to these content marketing consulting tips to ensure that you are on the right track to create a highly valued piece of content.

When you’ve finished and think you’re ready to publish, you need to run one last comprehensive review to check the performance status of all related components. This means confirming you’ve properly addressed the needs of your audience, optimized your keywords, and improved the elements highlighted in the scorecard.

If you are interested in these Content Marketing Consulting Tips and want to review your web page content, Contact Us and we will give you a Free Site Evaluation.


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