Get the results you paid for!

You may have paid for an outsourced digital marketing service, or decided to take control of your own marketing efforts in-house. Either way, you need to make sure that the money you invested is getting you enough clients. In order to verify that your budget and resources aren’t being wasted, you should constantly measure your marketing performance to always be ahead of your competition. 

Evaluate your current efforts

A very effective way to boost your digital marketing is by conducting an audit on your current efforts. A deep online marketing review will help you track each and every marketing campaign and find out which of your techniques work and which should be changed or eliminated.

In Dalai Group we have the real estate marketing tools necessary to accurately measure success through the right key metrics. With an in-depth analysis, we will identify the problems in your current efforts that need to be fixed, and find the methods that are already working to multiply them.

Attract the right clients

We know that to have get the results you want it is not enough to use a bunch of different tools and have a presence on diverse online platforms. You need to identify and understand your target market, and find the correct channels that your potential clients use.  

For this reason, our expert consultants will analyse the current status of your online presence and assess what needs to be added, adapted, or replaced in order to help you get your properties sold to the right clients.

Finally, a truly effective strategy!

After your comprehensive digital marketing audit, your real estate business will have all the tools it needs on an easy-to-understand report. Thanks to our insightful and actionable recommendations you will be able to build a truly effective marketing strategy that simplifies and boosts all of your marketing efforts, in order to get the massive online presence you deserve.


Be a Success Story

“The digital world advances quickly and website evaluations benefit every brand.
Digital platforms need to be one step ahead of competitor and consumer expectations. Professional assessments are essential for maintaining digital excellence.

Pilar-Lazzati-SEO-ConsultantPilar Lazzati,