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Dalai Group’s App Store Optimization Services will take your app to the top, multiplying your downloads, and boosting your monetization in Google Play and iOS App Stores. Our agency has the expertise your mobile application needs to be a success.

With 17 years of experience helping Fortune 1000 companies achieve Internet top rankings and driving customers to websites and apps, Dalai Group has developed a unique methodology to boost app downloads.

Based on the latest App Store Optimization techniques and advanced user acquisition strategies, our team will give you the expert ASO advice you need from the time you launch your app, until it achieves great popularity amongst millions of smartphone users worldwide.

Maximize Results

    • Get to the top of the app stores with the correct keywords.
    • Increase visibility in the App Store and Play Store.
    • Increase app page conversion rates.
    • Drive more organic downloads.
    • Gain quality users at a minimum cost.
    • Boost your revenue.
    • Stay ahead of your competition.


Maximum Visibility, Maximum App Downloads

Ideally, the journey to launch a successful mobile app should start during development and continue once the app is launched. Now your project needs to be noticed amongst the 1.3 million Android apps in the Google Play store and 1.2 million apps in Apple’s App Store. With ASO you can achieve part of the exposure you deserve by ranking your application higher in app stores, a platform whose searches drive more than 90% of app’s installs.

Through thoughtfully crafted metadata, Dalai Group works with developers like you to improve the visibility of your app and help customers find and engage with you when they search for your services, thus, multiplying your downloads in the most cost effective way possible.

Not only we will make you appear in the top results, but by understanding the users intent, we will drive high quality customers that will make you stand out from your strongest competitors.


We Make a Difference

Optimizing your application’s ranking in app stores is a process that involves a variety of factors like keywords, ratings, descriptions, and titles. Many other agencies may already offer you this, however, app store optimization doesn’t stop there.

We have 17 years of expertise helping small, medium, and Fortune 1,000 companies maximize their exposure in the Internet, and ranking and promoting their mobile apps. We understand the complexities of the algorithms that shape the ASO process giving you the top positions in your app category and keyword searches on app stores; but we also have a vast experience across multiple digital channels to give you the most distinctive and effective presence on all popular platforms.

App stores are not the only way to discover apps. People are finding applications in numerous ways hile using their smartphones, and you shouldn’t miss those opportunities to reach your customers!

With our proven expertise in digital in addition to the app store downloads, you will also drive tons of organic installs from search engines like Google, a source that drives 1 in 4 app discoveries amongst users.

Through this strategy, Dalai Group will make a significant impact in your app growth. In today’s competitive digital landscape, your website serves as your online portfolio and a factor that positions your app as an authority, thus driving more web traffic and increasing even more downloads.

Campaigns Worth Mentioning

Dalai Group has managed the SEO and ASO of 27 Fortune 1000 companies in the last 17 years and our clients have gotten amazing results in Search Engines and App Stores.

Our most memorable projects maximized our clients’ brands, backlinks, and overall impact in 4 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French) in 27 countries for brands in the food and beverage, and entertainment industries.

Be a Success Story Too!

The Best ASO Service

So, what are you waiting for to boost your app installs?

Let our experienced team provide you with the best app store optimization strategy to make your app rank higher, boost your downloads, and maximize your revenue.