Humanizing Search

Programmatic ad technology can now see beyond the keyword. With professional customization, PPC can link high-performing search terms to human intent. The right keyword data through ad system intelligence can build brand relationships and return customers along with the conversions. Dalai Group identifies the search intent and program automation that lead to sales, helping PPC campaigns reach optimal interaction levels.

Benefits of AI & Pay-Per-Click

  • Predict sales and patterns leading to conversions
  • Suggest accurate products for consumer interest
  • Recognize profitable trends quickly
  • Reach target markets geographically: local, regional, national, international
  • Generate fast results and immediate website traffic
  • Enhance additional marketing channels
  • Reduce time and error in data monitoring and analysis
  • Maximize ad strategy and personalization


Budgeting PPC Campaigns

Our digital tools don’t waste money. Dalai Group professionals understand ad program capabilities and their profitable involvement in PPC campaigns. The first $100 invested in a PPC campaign with Dalai Group are complimentary. With pay-per-click advertising, our clients set the budget. PPC campaigns are launched and modified regularly to fit our client’s needs.

We offer PPC management in English and Spanish.

  • Clients set the price
  • Approved ads are live in minutes
  • The first $100 invested are at no cost to the business

PPC Campaigns Driven by AI

Dalai Group is certified in Google Adwords. We specialize in creating PPC campaigns through innovative research and analysis, A/B testing, and retargeting. Our roadmaps execute various levels of PPC automation, customized for businesses and consumers in all industries. Dalai Group’s PPC management team ensures the highest return on cost per bid.

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