The Social Revolution

Social media has defined the turn of the century. It has become a direct line of communication for global consumers, creating innovative marketing opportunity and exponential growth for businesses. Brands can now interact with customers, manage reputations, and deliver a clear message across the world.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  • Engage Current Customers
  • Build Positive Relationships
  • Increase Customer Retention Rate
  • Maximize Customer Lifetime Value


Engagement & Follower Growth

Dalai Group educates the right users about brands, encouraging two-way communication through social media. We find valuable conversation for which products and services solve consumer problems. Through expert social media consultations we recommend content deployment strategies that drive online interactions and expand the fan-base of our clientele. Effective hashtag use, following tactics, and authentic interactions with potential consumers are natural techniques we integrate with paid promotion on social networks with the strongest conversion potential.

  • More than 3 billion people use the Internet
  • Over 80% of these users have some form of social network

Data Driven Interactions

Dalai Group monitors user behavior across all digital platforms. We utilize social media to retarget website visitors and email subscribers for low acquisition costs. Our knowledge of data-rich, social media tools identifies users who are most likely to engage and convert. We analyze competitor tactics, maximize the consumer data-base, and connect brands with valuable social media influencers.

Did you know 93% of shoppers’ buying are influenced by social media?
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