Voice Commands & Purchase Intent

Voice search is a way for consumers to instantly find what they need, while multitasking or on-the-go. Ordering products or services can be as simple as speaking one or two sentences into a mobile device. The average person speaks nearly 4 times more words per minute than they type. With voice assistance tools, smartphones are adapting search needs to our most convenient form of interaction: verbal speech.

Benefits of Voice Search PPC

  • Voice search traffic maintains a higher purchase intent than typed search queries
  • Voice commands are frequently used by local consumers and mobile users
  • Devices with Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools help consumers make immediate purchase decisions
  • Voice search PPC compliments other digital marketing initiatives, improves ROI, and generates fast results


Pay Per Click Conversions

PPC produces immediate traffic for businesses through paid placement on search engines. Our competitive research, testing, and optimization strategies provide measurable results for every campaign. When used correctly, voice search pay-per-click reveals valuable user data for digital consumers and brands. Dalai Group identifies the long tail search data that leads to low-cost conversions.

PPC Campaigns Driven by Voice Search

Dalai Group specializes in voice search PPC campaigns through innovative research, A/B testing, and retargeting. As the internet becomes a conversational interface, voice search is a central component of marketing strategy. Our Pay-Per-Click management team ensures a high return, analyzing the verbal search language used for online purchases and conversions.

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