Dalai Group has over 18 years of experience in Website Consulting. Our experts know how generate more leads and sales through the optimization of your website. With a comprehensive  consultation you will assess your strengths and weaknesses and get some useful insights into potential changes on your website to improve your strategy.

Benefits of Website Consulting

•Affordable Comprehensive Assessment

•Full Analysis of your Website Design

•Personalized Recommendations


Comprehensive Website Assessment

With our website audit we will tell you what’s working, what’s falling short, and how you can boost your sales through an optimized website structure and a user-focused design.  We will give you expert advice in how to bring more quality traffic, increase engagement, and inspire conversions. 

We guide businesses to their full potential through several areas of your Website Optimization:

  • Site Hierarchy
  • URL Structure
  • Crawl Depth
  • Menu Optimization
  • Internal Linking

Personalized Results

Every client has a unique marketing situation. We do our best to improve your current Website Optimization efforts, while recommending custom solutions at an affordable cost.  Meeting the needs of our clients with measurable results through a Comprehensive Website Consultation is priority number one.


Get your Comprehensive Website Consultation

Proven by 18 Years of Expertise in Digital Marketing