10 Best Kept Expert Secrets to Get Real Estate Referrals

10 Best Kept Expert Secrets to Get Real Estate Referrals

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10 Best Kept Expert Secrets to Get Real Estate Referrals

In order to increase your leads using this source, you will need to invest time on creating a referral strategy that could bring you new real estate clients using offline and onlin ...

Real Estate referrals account for half of realtors revenue, a reason why leveraging them should be a priority for your business.

In order to increase your leads using this source, you will need to invest time on creating a referral strategy that could bring you new real estate clients using offline and online marketing strategies. If you are wondering how expert realtors make this work, here’s a list of the most successful real estate referral generation ideas.

Offline Real Estate Referrals


Getting referrals offline is a traditional but excellent way to generate leads. Even with the growth of online marketing methods, it is worth to invest some of your time on these offline techniques.  

1. Create a sense of community

A good way to create the sense that you are plugged into the community is to introduce local people you know between each other. One of the expert secrets to achieve this, is to arrange meetings with different people in the same day at consecutive hours, so that when you finish with the first one and are greeting the second one, you manage to introduce them and intrigue them about your social network.

2. Throw housewarming parties

Don’t wait to be invited to a networking meeting, and organize your own party for your clients’ local community. Around 30 days after your buyers close on their new house, throw a housewarming party for them and invite their new neighbors and their friends. By doing this you will generate leads for everybody, and you will strengthen your relationship with your clients so that they can keep referring you later on.

3. Wear a name badge on public

If you have a name tag that indicates you are a real estate agent, don’t be shy and wear it outside of your office to talk to new people whenever you have the opportunity. This will make your conversations to naturally gravitate towards your job as a realtor and present opportunities.

4. Refer business to industry leaders

Find out who the industry leaders are in the local community and meet with them. Build a good relationship by referring your clients to them. After you do this, they’ll go out of their way to return the favor. This is very useful because their reputation as leaders will help you get quality leads.

5. Grow outside of your usual target

Expanding your horizons by going outside of your regular community for a listing can be an interesting way to find new opportunities. You should also develop good relationships with some realtors outside of your local area so that when their clients need to move to your area they refer to your services to help them with the transition.

Online Real Estate Referrals


Online marketing techniques are a really good way to grow your real estate business, but you need to know how to make them work effectively. These expert tips will help you generate referrals through online sources.

6. Be easy to find

Make sure to put your email and phone number all over your website, emails and social networks. Engage in online communities and generate content for search engines so that your presence grows in your local area. Also send your contact information to online listings so that you get featured when people look for realtors within their community. 

7. Build trust with testimonials

Enhance your business reputation online and make yourself reputable in the eyes of both potential customers and referrers by featuring testimonials and case studies from your past clients. Make sure to go over the mile, and promote your social proof in a visual form  by creating videos and graphics with your client insights and quotes.  

8. Create useful content for local residents

Creating content is an excellent way to keep in touch with your past clients and the new prospects looking for information about a certain location or community. Start by conducting a social media and email marketing consultation to identify your content opportunities. Some content ideas include a monthly neighborhood newsletter, a handbook for first-time buyers, a webinar or podcast for local residents, etc.  The time you invest in creating free items of value will be worth it! Local residents will come to rely on the information you provide as a valuable community resource. 

9. Meet local business owners

A great way to use your online platforms is by referring local business owners. Offer to promote their services for free through your social media, website and newsletter. Business owners will appreciate the additional exposure you provide. In turn, they’ll be more open to promoting you to their circle of friends and associates.

10. Enhance Relationships

An often overlooked way to generate referrals is by building relationships on social media. You should use your personal profiles to stay connected to people you would otherwise lose touch with, like your old classmates, former work colleagues, etc. They can be a great source of referrals, so make sure you stay in touch with them on a regular basis.

Use these expert secrets to generate referrals, and remember that regardless what strategy you choose, the key is to diversify your presence and establish credibility across all of your offline and online networks.

Tell us in the comments, what is your secret to generate referrals?

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