Dalai Group has over 18 years of experience in Social Media Consulting. Our social media experts know how to make your business increase its leads through all your social media channels. An expert consultation made to your social media strategy will help you evaluate where you stand and how you can optimize, update and create an effective social media marketing plan.

Benefits of Social Media Consulting

•Affordable Comprehensive Assessments

•Full Analysis on All Social Media Channels

•Personalized Recommendations


Comprehensive SEO Assessment

With our social media audits we will tell you what’s working and what you can improve on your current strategy so that you get more customer engagement, increase awareness about your brand,  and finally boost your leads and sales.

We guide businesses to their full potential through several areas of Social Media Marketing in all social media channels:

  • Social Media Integration
  • Social Media Consistency
  • Audience and Targeting
  • Social Media Reach
  • Hashtag Strategy

    • Personalized Results

      Every client has a unique marketing situation. We do our best to improve current Social Media efforts, while recommending custom solutions at an affordable cost.  Meeting the needs of our clients with measurable results through a Comprehensive Social Media Consultation is priority number one.


      Get your Comprehensive Social Media Consultation

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