The Customer Journey

At Dalai Group, we go beyond content creation. Our content services are focused on every step of the online experience: content development, content engagement, and content optimization. It can be easy to overlook the data. For successful content, we need to understand what’s working and what’s not working through an expert content consultation. That starts with our clients’ analytics. Where is the audience engaging? Why?

Many professionals can develop and promote content, but it’s crucial to identify the moment and place that create an impact. Simply having the content does not create the impact. Dalai Group develops content fit for the customer journey. We focus on content touch points and presentation tactics that lead to conversions.

Overall channel integration is key for distributing content. With audience insight, we build content through omni-channel strategy:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Media
  • Organic Search Marketing


Benefits of Content Marketing

  • Stronger On-site Credibility
  • Visibility on Search Engines
  • Referral and Social Traffic
  • Consumer Relationship Touchpoint

Campaigns Worth Mentioning

Dalai Group has managed the SEO of 27 Fortune 1000 companies in the last 17 years and our clients have gotten amazing results in Search Engines.

Our most memorable projects maximized our clients’ brands, backlinks, and overall impact in 4 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French) in 27 countries for brands in the food and beverage, and entertainment industries.

Be a Success Story Too!

Content Optimization

Think of Google as an entity that reviews each of your webpages and scores it for content relevancy. The more information you provide for Google, the more search engines will show your digital content to relevant consumers. Far too often, companies find themselves stuck with a surplus of content and little to no website traffic. You don’t have to suffer the imbalance. This can be fixed by providing search engines, like Google, with the right information from your content. Many professionals can launch, redesign, and promote website content; but, it won’t generate traffic if it has not been modified for search engine visibility. Google needs to recognize your content, too.

Your website is your first impression. Make sure it is a good one.
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