Top 10 Digital Consulting Trends in 2019

Top 10 Digital Consulting Trends in 2019

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Top 10 Digital Consulting Trends in 2019

  Digital Transformation is moving faster than ever. Technology is always changing, and for that reason, we need to get a sense of the digital consulting trends for ...


Digital Transformation is moving faster than ever. Technology is always changing, and for that reason, we need to get a sense of the digital consulting trends for transformation in Marketing for 2019. The following are some of the leading changes predicted for this year in this article by Daniel Newman.

Digital Consulting Trends for 2019

1. Internet of Things.

This year consulting companies are increasingly tapping IoT Solutions and Services to boost operational efficiency and transform their business models.

More than 8.4 billion “Things” are on the internet today, up more than 30% from just one year ago. However, IoT alone is just the start. It isn’t so much about the things, but rather what we do with these things once they are connected and supplying us data. Consulting companies can use the data from these devices to conduct social media consultations, or optimize campaigns with Artificial Intelligence PPC.

In the image below, you can observe other ways in which IoT can be used in marketing consulting companies:


2. Analytics Revolution.

One of the main trends is related to the Analytics Revolution. The mass amount of information created by the IoT has the power to revolutionize everything, allowing companies to work more efficiently and profitably than ever before.

Big Data and advanced analytics promise profound competitive advantages. Consultant companies translate technology into business value by driving out costs or increasing revenues from the application of big data.

3. Edge Computing.

Driven by the sheer volume and speed of information produced by the IoT, edge computing is one of the digital consulting trends jumping to the forefront of the business scene. As AI-powered smart devices seek to connect and communicate instantly via the IoT, the matter of sending data “all the way” to the cloud will become highly impractical making edge computing the only viable option.

The infographic below shows how 4 edge computing technologies can help with processing IoT data in digital consulting companies:


4. 5G cell processing.

The amount of data produced by the IoT will force mobile providers to move faster than ever. The level of hyper-connectivity expected by digital consulting agencies today leaves little room not to move forward on the 5G path in Mobile Marketing Consulting.

With so many IoT devices streaming massive amounts of information, the need for big data warehouses, machine learning and artificial intelligence will increase, and the 5G network rollout will enable these foundational technologies to provide services.

5. Blockchain Finds Its Way.

Blockchain is a digital peer-to-peer asset transaction exchange, shared among a distributed network of computers, that can help increase the speed of completion or settlement and improve security.

While the financial industry and digital consulting agencies will be the first to begin utilizing this fantastic tool, numerous others — from healthcare to entertainment to hospitality — will not be far behind on this digital consulting trend.


6. AI Goes From Newbie To Mainstream in Digital Consulting Agencies.

In 2019 digital consulting companies will continue to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to surprise, connect, and communicate with their customers in ways they may not even appreciate or realize. AI can be very useful to conduct social media, website and email marketing consultations by automating analytic processes.

Artificial intelligence is the key to digital business; it has the potential to transform everything from business operations to the customer experience. AI provides business and IT leaders the chance to help their companies rethink their business models and drive customer obsession.

In the image below you can see some of the anticipated benefits of using this technology:


7. VR Goes From Hero To Zero.

Augmented Reality has pushed Virtual Reality out of the way, because it’s cheaper and easier to use, especially in a professional context. By using 3-D visualization, digital consulting companies can better train, pitch, and envision new products — without the same expense of VR.

However VR still offers some opportunities for digital marketing consulting:


8. Failure As A Service (FaaS).

One of the main digital consulting trends is FaSS, a tool that will provide visualization, rapid prototyping, and other fast fail methods that will help companies plan digital strategies fast for greater success.

Failure as a Service  is a concept the business world will be hearing a lot more about in 2019 and beyond. This is referred to the process which enables organisations to iterate new ideas, optimise those which work, quickly discard those which don’t and learn from both.

The ability to more quickly recognize when something isn’t working and move on will be a crucial differentiator between the winners and losers of digital transformation.

9. Culture Remains a Hurdle.

A massive 62% of business leaders consider culture as the number one hurdle to digital transformation.  But as the pace of change continues to increase — and the number of new technologies continues to grow — it will become even more imperative that companies move fast while moving forward toward growth and new digital consulting trends.

Keeping your organizational culture and infrastructure flexible and easily adaptable are the new key success factors. Don’t let your people experience frustration, anger, and disengagement over digital transformation—whenever they do, it is a clear sign that some of your organization’s rules, policies, procedures, processes or systems have hindered, rather than assisted, in achieving the organization’s desired results.

10. Transformation Becomes a Must in Digital Consulting.

DX  is imperative in today’s business market. Disruption will continue to be an increasingly common occurrence in the next few years also for digital consulting companies.

Digital consulting firms that view transformation as an opportunity will have more business available. And they will position themselves better for growth in the future. Also, it can help marketing departments within large organisations streamline internal processes, adopt technology and break down organisational barriers.

Some of the core elements of these DX can be seen in the image below:



If there is one thing that’s clear in digital consulting trends for this year, it’s that all the technologies above are working together to push one another forward, creating a swell of change that just cannot be resisted.

If you are interested in embracing this digital consulting trends and take your company to the next level, Contact Us, and our agency will help you achieve your goals.


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