How to Sell Real Estate On Facebook: The 12 Ultimate Strategies

How to Sell Real Estate On Facebook: The 12 Ultimate Strategies

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How to Sell Real Estate On Facebook: The 12 Ultimate Strategies

Real Estate Social Media Marketing is one of the most important online techniques that lets you engage with your audience on the platforms where they love to hang out. If you are w ...

Real Estate Social Media Marketing is one of the most important online techniques that lets you engage with your audience on the platforms where they love to hang out. If you are wondering how to get leads for Real Estate through social media, here is your answer: Facebook is the most popular social media platform and one of the real estate marketing favorites for the great exposure it gives to your business.

Why should you use Facebook for real estate?  

  • Because it is free
  • Because it is where most of your potential clients (adults) hang out.
  • Because it is easy to use
  • Because it is super visual
  • Because it is great for targeted advertising

Most brokers and realtors choose Facebook for the previous reasons, but many stick to the basic listing posting on their pages and don’t make the most of all the possibilities they have on this social media platform to attract potential clients and increase their property sales. 

But we are going to tell you in this article some of the best tips for real estate Facebook pages and techniques you can use on this real estate social media platform to grow your business. 

So… How should realtors use Facebook?

Facebook offers a great amount of features and social media marketing possibilities for generating real estate leads. If you want to learn how to be a successful real estate agent you need to take advantage of this social media platform, and the next 12 tips should be your guide for your strategy. 


12 Ultimate Strategies to Sell your Real Estate on Facebook 


  1. Create a real estate Facebook business page

If you don’t already have a business or fan page on facebook and have only been using your personal profile, it is time for you to create one! This will allow you to be found on real estate searches within Facebook and other search engines like Google. It is also a great way to showcase your authority and start growing your following on your targeted community. 

Real Estate Facebook Page Example
  1. Fill out every section of your real estate Facebook page

Complete all the information on your facebook business page, your address, your phone number, your website url, and other relevant contact details, and also a complete description of your business . To sell real estate on Facebook it is important to show the world what makes you unique from other agencies, and to make your description original and enticing.

Real Estate Facebook Page Details
  1. Links to other real estate social media accounts

Many users on facebook also use other social media platforms, and for this reason linking your other social media profiles to your business page is a great way to extend your opportunities of delivering your content to your followers. Also remember to link to your professional website or for-sale-by-owner page where people can read more details about your listings. 

Real Estate Social Media Marketing Platforms
  1. Don’t forget about your personal profile

While the best place to sell your real estate is on your Facebook business page, it is also a good idea to mix in some real estate-related posts every now and then on your personal profile. This will remind your friends that you have a business page that they can share with their personal networks, and this way, increase your followers in a very personal manner. 

Realtor Facebook Post Example
  1. Update your real estate cover photo frequently

Facebook is a very visual platform, and the cover photo is the best place to showcase your most amazing property photographs because there, on top of your page, they will have the most exposure. To sell real estate on Facebook you should change images quite often and use this privileged space to your advantage. Always remember to highlight the homes you have for sale for every season of the year. 

Real Estate Facebook Cover Example


  1. Post attractive real estate marketing videos

Videos are the posts that drive the most engagement on every social media and you can use them to sell real estate on Facebook by showcasing your properties, interesting tips for your audience, and even viral content for your followers to share.  

Here are some real estate social marketing video ideas for Facebook:

  • Video tours of your real estate
  • 360 degree walkthroughs
  • Short drone videos of neighborhoods you specialize in
  • Before and after home renovation videos
  • Home DIY videos
Real Estate Video Marketing Facebook
  1. Post interesting content for your audience

Avoid making every one of your posts about your listings, and instead of “selling yourself” all the time, make sure to focus about 80 percent of your content on your customers. Think about how you can give you followers some value for they every-day lives, something that they would love to share with their friends. This will make your content spread easily through the platform and help you reach a wider audience. 

Real Estate Facebook Post Ideas
  1. Post local news updates 

Going local on your facebook page is a great idea, and you can target your audience by posting  news updates about events, local business openings, or other relevant news about the neighbourhood you specialize in. This is a great way to get involved in your community and establish yourself as an authority around your neighborhood. 

Local Events Real Estate Facebook Post
  1. Post how-to videos for DIY enthusiasts

This is especially useful for your potential clients who are looking to hire an agency to sell their real estate. Topics about “How to stage your home”, “How to renovate your house”, and so on, would be very attractive for them. Make sure that you take advantage of every season of the year to create new creative videos too; your Facebook page fans and potential clients will love how-to decoration clips for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc. 

DIY Post Real Estate Facebook
  1. Engage on local Facebook groups

A good way to engage with your local community is by joining Facebook groups on your neighbourhood. These can be focused on diverse topics, like sports, events, church groups, parents groups, etc. Once you are part of these local communities on Facebook you can connect with people that have the same interests as you, gain their trust, and establish yourself as their preferred real estate agent when their time comes to buy or sell. 

Local Facebook Groups
  1. Measure and know your audience

Don’t forget about your Facebook Page Data. The Facebook Insights tool is a great way to know your followers, and discover details about their age, gender, and location, which could help you understand how to target their demographics, and create awesome content they will be interested in. 

Real Estate Facebook Page Insights
  1. Finally… real estate Facebook Ads!

Facebook Ads may be the most powerful way on how to sell real estate on Facebook and target your audience on this social media platform because it uses big data about users that will help you put the right advertisement before the right person at the right time.  This will boost your listing’s reach, because you will be targeting people that would be keen to hire your services. Facebook’s ability to target posts and ads to your core demographics are invaluable! 

Real Estate Facebook Ads

Start getting leads on Facebook!

Now that you know these 12 amazing ways on how to sell your real estate on Facebook it is moment to implement them, and make the necessary changes to your current social media strategies. Always remember that the key to every one of your marketing efforts is to measure them and determine how much value they are bringing to your business. If you feel that your real estate social media strategy is not working, talk to one of our consultants to get an audit. We will help you review your current real estate marketing efforts and take the best decisions for your  business. 

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